“Once in a while, travel to the places that make you feel alive & happy”.

For all hardcore travelers and wanderers, the journey is more important than the destination, the path that lies ahead may be rough or rugged or may have many obstacles come along the way; an enthusiast is never afraid but very excited to start every new adventure.

If you are fearless wanderluster who wants explore the world, some of your travels can be harsh & raw; you have to ready with the bag with bare & minimal essentials. So, here we are with the list of must-have 5 grooming products that should be there in baggage regardless on which journey you are going.


When you are traveling & seeking a rush of adrenaline, body odor is something you have to deal with & cannot ignore. What’s the best solution than Deodorant? Having deodorant in your travel kit is necessary. Hott Deodorant is versatile & can become your signature scent, which will keep you away from bad odor smell and also keep you refreshed throughout the day. This charming companion will make the journey worthwhile for you. Check out a wide range of perfumes available on Lyla Blanc.



Sometimes due to long journeys, you may not or get very little time to groom your rugged stubble. So, a beard trimmer can be the best rescuer to take care of your facial hair. There are many handy lightweight trimmers are available in the market.

Facial Wipes

Facial wipes are best face on-go cleanser while traveling. You will face sweat, dirt, pollution, fatigue & this can make your skin feel irritated. But keeping facial wipes handy will make your face feel fresh & radiant within a blink of an eye, they can wipe that dirt off & let your skin breathe. If possible, use alcohol-free & have moisturizers in it so it does not leave your skin dry afterward.

Dry Shampoo

Being on extensive traveling leave your hair greasy, dirty & full of grime. You probably won’t get time to wash your hair, then dry shampoo is must have in your travel bag. A quick application will extend your blowout for more days & bring your hair back to life.

Sunscreen lotion

Travelling can be harsh to your body especially roaming in summers, sunscreen lotion is a paramount & best protector from sun rays & sunburns. Different SPF level sunscreen lotions are there in the market, you can choose accordingly your destination & exposure of yourself while traveling.

That’s all folks, your minimal handy travel kit is ready & will definitely take care of your skin while traveling. Bon, voyage!



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