As rightly said, “ You are never fully dressed without Perfume!” . Perfume is that one necessary accessory which is not visible but speaks most for your presence in any event, party or meeting.

While choosing the perfect & appropriate perfume for yourself, it’s very important to learn the techniques of wearing it according to the occasion. One should know how to use their pricey perfumes.

So, Here we are sprinkling some more knowledge, skills & finesse on how to wear Perfume.

1. Always apply or rub Vaseline on your pulse points before using your perfume, this will make the fragrance to stay more last longer. The ointment of Vaseline will hold the fragrance to your skin much longer than if it is applied directly to your dry skin.

2. Apply any kind of lotion to your skin which is less dominant in terms of fragrance. As we mentioned earlier, oily skin holds more fragrance rather than dry skin. So, if you have dry skin, always put a moisturizer first.

3. Do not dab the perfume after applying it on your wrist or pulse points. If you do so, you will allow the top notes to get disappeared soon and this will lead the fragrance to stay less long than expected.

4. Apply perfume on the insides of your sleeves. So when your arms brush to your body while you are walking, the scent will be released into the air.

5. Apply perfume on the insides of your elbows . When your elbows brush to the inner area when you bend your hands, the scent molecules will pick up the heat & more fragrance will get released.

6. Create your own customized perfume by layering different perfumes . Layering scents is an art but it’s not that difficult as it sounds. Try different combinations of different perfumes, smell them and eventually you will find some of the combinations that work together. Try to combine same fragrance families & layer dominant scent perfumes first or at the bottom, this will allow mild scent perfume to be evident in the combination & it will not get lost.

7. Apply your scent after taking a bath, the moisture of your wet skin will allow the fragrance to stay last longer. As we already discussed, wet or oily skin lock the fragrance effect for a longer period.

8. Transform your unscented moisturizer into a pleasantly perfumed lotion by adding drops of your favorite perfume into it. As a useful tip, You can also add the last few drops left from your perfume into an unscented lotion.

9. Spray your perfume on a hairbrush first, some components of perfume can damage your hair if you apply it directly. Of course, if the perfume is specially composed for hair, you do not need to worry.

10. Start learning common fragrance terms, it will help you to find an appropriate perfume as well let you understand the longevity of that perfume.

So, these are some few hacks for how you can make most out of your scents. You can definitely invent your own ideas if you are a perfume lover or regular buyer.

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