Seeking for a fragrance that will last throughout the day? Seek no more as you can order for the best quality perfumes online from Lyla Blanc. Lyla Blanc is a one-stop perfume shop that offers a wide range of over 300 scents for their continuously growing website customers.

Lyla Blanc's wide range of fragrances is suitable for both men and women. At Lyla Blanc, they transform your world and bring joy to life with their scent.

The wide range of fragrances at Lyla Blanc categorized into notable brands. Which include:

Your online perfume shopping in India is not complete without purchasing LB Perfumes. These entails; LB Perfume Retro 100ML, LB Perfume Royal Touch Copper 50ML, Lyla Blanc Black Velvet Perfume 100ML EDP for Men, Lyla Blanc Perfume Club Red Musk 100 ML for Men and Women, and lots more.

From the above examples, it is for both men and women. The lowest price for the LB Perfumes is Rs. 599 while the highest price is Rs. 1199.

These perfumes are produced from the floral family. They are perfect for individuals that aim for success, triumph, and achievement. Right from the top notes of lavender, the middle notes of oakmoss, to the base notes of amber, everything is perfect.

Whenever you want to buy perfumes online in India, Hott should be one of the brands you should look at. The brand products are solely for men. As a wife, you can use it as a gift for your husband or loved ones.

The brand fragrances include; Hott Black Night Pocket Perfume 18 ML for Men, Hott Legend Pocket Perfume 18 ML for Men, Hott Noir Pocket Perfume 18 ML for Men, and much more.

All those mentioned above can be gotten as low as Rs.75. The essence of these fragrances is to bring out your gracious personality to the fore. Apart from that, the gorgeous base note of citrus and floral will keep you confident throughout the day.


If you want to buy perfumes in India, Naughty Girl is one of the brands to consider. Their fragrance includes Naughty Girl Angel Pocket Perfume 18 ML for Women, Naughty Girl EDP Brown Beach 30ML, Naughty

Girl EDP Guess Who 30ML, Naughty Girl EDP Woo The Diva 30ML, and lots more.

It is most suitable for women who like to be cool and clean all day long. Since the scent is from the floral family, there is a creamy concoction of fancy ingredients. These will make you stay fresh throughout the day.

The club is part of the latest range of EDP in the Lyla Blanc online store. The product includes Lyla Blanc Perfume Club Blue Cedar 100ML EDP, Lyla Blanc Perfume Club Red Musk 100ML EDP, and Lyla Blanc

Perfume Club Yellow 100ML EDP.

The fragrance is perfect for those that want to live the life of the party. It is a unisex perfume that offers a long-lasting aroma for those that like clubbing and aims to be stylish. 

If you need to order premium perfumes online in India, hurry, and log in to https://www.lylablanc.in/. After checking through their catalogue, you can choose from their wide range of fragrances at a relatively low cost.

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