Top 10 Long Lasting Attar for Daily Wear in 2024

This blog covers the top 10 long-lasting Attars perfect for daily wear in 2024.

In the world of fragrance, Attars, also known as ittars, have captivated senses for centuries. These concentrated, oil-based perfumes are not just luxurious but also incredibly long-lasting. Imagine starting your day with a delightful scent that stays with you, making you feel confident and leaving a lasting impression. That's the magic of best long lasting Attar!  

As 2024 unfolds with exciting fragrance trends, here are the top 10 long lasting Attars perfect for everyday use. So, switch the fading colognes and embrace the fascinating world of Attars - where your signature scent stays with you all day.

Here are the Top 10 Long Lasting Attar for Men and Women

Afzal-attar White Musk Attar Roll-on

This roll-on is a premium alcohol-free attar designed for both men and women. Crafted with care and ideal for sensitive skin, it delivers a mesmerizing aroma that lasts all day. Afzal-attar White Musk Attar is filled with white musk essence, providing a subtle yet alluring scent experience. The convenient roll-on application makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Soothe your senses with this exotic and most long-lasting attar. This roll-on attar is a must-have addition to your fragrance collection, perfect for daily wear or special occasions. Experience luxury in every drop with White musk attar.

Fragrance family: Floral Musk

Top Note: Creamy Peony
Middle Note: Rose Petal, Muguet
Base Note: White Musk

Afzal Safire Pacific Attar Roll-on

Crafted for those who cherish a light, mature marine fragrance with a fresh twist. Afzal Safire Pacific Attar offers all-day refreshment and confidence, suitable for any occasion. Its floral and spicy fragrances blend creates a captivating earthy scent enriched by jasmine and coriander. The unique aroma of southern Italian citrus highlights it. Ideal for both men and women, this attar is suitable for any occasion and offers a light fragrance with a fresh twist.

For a lasting impression, immerse yourself in the rich, fruity floral scent, complemented by jasmine and spicy coriander middle notes. The musk and spice notes add strength to this attar, giving a feeling of confidence and elegance. Elevate your style with this one of the most long lasting attar and revel in its irresistible allure.

Fragrance family: Floral Musk

Top Note: Southern Italian Citrus

Middle Note: Jasmine, Coriander

Base Note: Musk, Spice

Afzal Safire Parallel Attar Roll-on

Experience the essence of elegance with Safire Parallel Attar. Inspired by the refreshing ocean breeze, this attar blends clean, oceanic fragrances with floral notes. It's a composed mixture featuring elements of Mandarin, Jasmine, and Patchouli, which deliver a balanced fusion that energizes and pampers.

Due to its unique ingredient infusion, it radiates confidence and luxury that is ideal for every occasion. Its heavenly scent awakens the senses, keeping you uplifted throughout the day. It creates an aroma suitable for both men and women. Afzal Safire Parallel Attar stands out with its elegant design and its feature of being the most long-lasting attar scent, making it essential for those who value top quality.

Fragrance family: Citrus Floral Woody

Top Note: Grapefruit, Marine Note, Mandarin  
Middle Note: Jasmine
Base Note: Patchouli, Oakmoss, Amber, Guaiac Wood

Afzal-attar Golden Dust Attar Roll-on

Experience confidence with this one of the best long-lasting attars. It's a rich and warm finish makes it perfect for any occasion. The scent combines metallic, wood, and spice notes for an appealing smell, with leather, cedarwood, and oud adding a warm touch. Black musk and dark amber base notes offer richness and earthiness. 

Crafted for long-lasting fragrance, it's an ideal choice for making a statement or adding perfection to your daily routine. This roll-on is suitable for both men and women. So, enhance your choices with Golden Dust Attar.

Fragrance family: Woody

Top Note: Metallic wood and spices
Middle Note: Leather, Cedarwood, Hint of Oud
Base Note: Black Musk, Dark Amber

Afzal-attar Laylatul Juma Attar Roll-on

Crafted from the finest ingredients, this roll-on is your ticket to luxury. Translating to "Best Friday Night Perfume Oil," this woody, musky fragrance ignites curiosity. Enjoy its lasting fragrance, no-alcohol formula, and easy-to-use roll-on bottle - great for travel or as a gift.

Its journey begins with a vibrant metallic note and a desirable blend of rose and smoke. Finally, it settles into a musky sandalwood finish that remains for hours. With Afzal Laylatul Juma Attar, enhance your senses.

Fragrance family: Woody Musk

Top Note: Metallic
Middle Note: Rose, Smoke
Base Note: Musky, Sandalwood

Afzal-attar Mukhallat Badar Attar Roll-on

This is one of the top long-lasting attars for fragrance enthusiasts. The floral head notes of lavender and rose provide a touch of simplicity. Meanwhile, the powerful middle notes of patchouli and vanilla ensure the fragrance lasts all day. The spicy citrus and woody amber base notes leave a lasting impression, making it ideal for any occasion. 

This oriental blend radiates confidence and grace with its rich, woody essence. Perfect for both men and women, it symbolizes boldness and luxury. Experience serenity and elegance with Afzal Mukhallat Badar Attar.

Fragrance family: Oriental Woody

Top Note: Rose, Lavender
Middle Note: Patchouli, Vanila
Base Note: Sandalwood, Amber

Afzal-attar Musk Dhiram Attar Roll-on

Musk Dhiram Attar is one of the top 10 long-lasting attars in the fragrance category. Experience a bouquet of delicate flowers with floral top notes, followed by rich jasmine, rose, and galbanum middle notes. The powdery, musky amber notes add warmth and sensuality, ensuring a lasting impression.

This refined fragrance enhances your confidence and style for any occasion. Perfect for formal and casual events, it energizes your day with its elegant aroma. Treat yourself to the luxury of attar with this one of the best long lasting attar and enhance your fragrance game.

Fragrance family: Floral Musk

Top Note: Floral, Fresh Green Blossom
Middle Note: Jasmine, Rose and Galbanum
Base Note: Musky Amber, Powdery

Afzal-attar White Oudh Attar Roll-on

Experience the blend of White Oudh Attar, a blend of ancient allure with a modern twist. It starts with a fresh citrus scent, followed by deeper smells of musk and sandalwood. However, Agarwood's base note enhances this attar - an essence of luxury and exclusivity.

This fragrance offers a unique earthy aroma with a hint of sweetness, perfect for both men and women. Embrace timeless elegance with this most long lasting attar, suitable for any occasion. Let your scent make a statement, whether it is a grand occasion or an everyday moment.

Fragrance family:  Woody Oriental

Top Note: Ambergris
Middle Note: Sandalwood, Musk
Base Note: Agarwood

Safire Blue Wave Attar Roll-on

Safire Blue Wave Attar offers a refreshing burst of energy with zesty Sicilian Lemon, followed by a cool blend of Aquatic Breeze and Lavender. The floral notes of Lily add a touch of femininity, while Sandalwood brings a grounding earthiness. This fragrance suits men and women, offering long-lasting freshness in an alcohol-free, roll-on bottle. Ideal for any occasion, Safire Blue Wave Attar is your go-to choice for lasting scent.

Fragrance family: Aquatic Floral

Top Note: Sicilian Lemon
Middle Note: Aquatic Breeze, Lavender, Lily
Base Note: Sandalwood

Safire Midnight Attar Roll-on

Safire Midnight Attar boasts a unique blend that's both refreshing and lasting. This scent combines refreshing aquatic and citrus notes with soft floral scents of Lily and Muguet. The warmth of Musk and Sandalwood grounds it. This captivating combination creates an unforgettable olfactory experience.

Packaged in a convenient roll-on bottle and free from alcohol, it's perfect for those on the move. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, Safire Midnight Attar is an ideal choice when it comes to choosing the best long-lasting attar.

Fragrance family: Aquatic Floral

Top Note: Aquatic Citrus Blend
Middle Note: Lily, Muguet
Base Note: Sandalwood, Musk


The world of fragrances is ever evolving, and Attars continue to reign supreme with their long-lasting allure. Each Attar scent provides a different smell experience, ranging from the fresh White Musk to the alluring Golden Dust and the revitalizing Safire Blue Wave. Whether it's the floral muskiness or the woody elegance, these top 10 long-lasting Attars for daily wear in 2024 cater to every preference.

Level up your scent game with these timeless fragrances that hint at luxury and refinement. These qualities are common among some top creators, like the ones who design the popular attar collections at Lyla Blanc. Explore the magic of Attars online and let your signature scent speak volumes wherever you go.

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