Top 12 Best Perfumes For Men in India


Explore the finest perfumes for men, featuring luxurious fragrances from the LYLA BLANC collection. This premium scent collection has perfumes that are excellent for every occasion, ranging from casual daytime brunch to formal events. Discover a wide variety of fragrant combinations created by skilled perfumers, where every bottle promises a unique fragrance experience.

Get ready to shop best perfumes for men with the timeless essence of manliness and elegance. Perfumes are like potent accessories that you can wear to leave a lasting impact. It can boost a person's confidence and express their own personality.

Here are the Top 12 Long Lasting Perfumes for Men by Lyla Blanc

1. Urban Scent Tobacco Vanilla Signature Perfume 

The perfume provides a delicious, warm scent. This refined fragrance is a modern take on classic elegance, combining rich tobacco and creamy vanilla for a comfortable and enticing perfume. The smell begins with a sweet and spicy note reminiscent of freshly cured tobacco leaves.Smooth vanilla undertones emerge over time, providing depth and richness. Urban Scent Tobacco Vanilla Signature Perfume's ageless appeal makes it an excellent choice for those men who value elegance.

2. Urban Scent Aseel Signature Perfume 

Escape to the exotic Mideast with Lyla Blanc's Urban Scent Aseel Signature Perfume. This intriguing fragrance pays tribute to the Arabian rich cultural legacy by combining traditional elements with a modern twist. The fragrance begins with a blast of rose, bergamot, saffron, and muguet, which gives a vivid energy to the scent. As it settles, warm notes of oud and spicy notes emerge, immersing you in a sense of mystery and intrigue. Urban Scent Aseel Signature Perfume's splendid blend of East and West is ideal for men who desire travel and luxury.

3. Urban Scent Emerald Oud Perfume 

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Urban Scent Emerald Oud Perfume by Lyla Blanc. This enchanting fragrance evokes the essence of a lush forest after a refreshing rain shower. The rich, woody notes of oud blend seamlessly with hints of green freshness, creating an exotic and refreshing scent. As you wear this perfume, you will feel as if you are wandering through a hidden emerald paradise, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature. Let Urban Scent Emerald Oud Perfume transport you to a world of luxury and sophistication.

4. Urban Scent Rouge Red Perfume 

This long lasting perfume for men can also be worn by women, as it has a fascinating scent. The fragrance celebrates luxuriousness and elegance, perfect for those who want to make a statement. The perfume begins with a blast of aromatic cedarwood and Egyptian jasmine, along with rich saffron, which evokes a sense of freshness.  As it settles, soft woody notes emerge, engulfing you in its magnificent scent. This unisex fragrance exudes boldness and sophistication at any event. Urban Scent Rouge Red Perfume is the ideal accessory for any special occasion, leaving an impression wherever you go.

5. Urban Scent Blue Crush Perfume 

Immerse yourself in the cool waves of Urban Scent Blue Crush Perfume. This exhilarating aroma captures the essence of a fresh ocean breeze on a bright day, bringing you to a serene seaside paradise. The best perfume for men begins with a zesty blend of grapefruit, pink pepper, and yuzu. The aquatic elements bring you the sensation of salty sea spray on your skin.Once the fragrance settles down, undertones of guaiac and amber wood provide complexity and richness. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or exploring the downtown streets, Urban Scent Blue Crush's long lasting perfume for men will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.


6. Parallel Amber Rush Perfume

This long lasting perfume for men is a fascinating fragrance that conveys confidence and charm. It revolves around the richness of grapefruit and mandarine. Which gives the fragrance a strong appeal. The eccentric tones of cardamom and black pepper drive this fragrance to a whole new level.The undertones of patchouli, oakmoss, and amber give a touch of flowery elegance to the blend. Finally, the base notes of jasmine provide a smooth and memorable dry down. You can buy perfume for men who value their originality.

7. Private Green Moss Perfume

Private Green Moss is the top perfume for men. It has a mesmerizing fragrance that takes you to the heart of a beautiful forest. Its formulation is based on the earthy and aromatic perfume of green moss. Which creates a sensation of calm and serenity. The fresh and herbal top notes of citrus, lemon, and lavender stand out in this fragrance.The long lasting perfume for men fades into traces of jasmine and sandalwood. It also has a touch of muguet refinement to the blend. Finally, base notes of oakmoss and musk give a warm touch, resulting in a long-lasting finish. You can buy perfume for men who enjoys nature.

8. Private Dark Wood Perfume 

Lyla Blanc's long lasting perfume for men brings you the feeling of excitement and confidence. The fragrance takes you on an aromatic journey into a thick woodland of dried fruits, woody, and richness of leather. The irresistible allure begins with spicy tones of vanilla and jasmine, evoking a sense of mystery and allure. As it settles, woody notes emerge, reminiscent of the rich, earthy aroma of tonka beans. Private Dark Wood Perfume, with its enigmatic character, is ideal for men who like to explore the strong masculine scents.

9. Urban Cobalt Iris Perfume

Urban Cobalt Iris is the best perfume for men in India. It has both modern and refined fragrances that reflect the spirit of modern life. This exquisite smell begins with the fresh and floral aroma of Lavender, Jasmine, and Valley of Lilly. It also has woody notes of Cinnamon, Bergamot, Lime, Berries, and Juniper. The subtle undertones of sandalwood and vetiver musk are what make it a timeless scent.Urban Cobalt Iris Perfume is ideal for the modern man who wants to add the right finishing touch to any outfit. It is perfect for events like attending a business meeting or having a night out with friends. This fragrance will keep you feeling confident and elegant all day.


10. Urban Brown Vanilla Perfume

Lastly, the top perfume for men on this list belongs to urban brown vanilla, which has a warm and welcoming fragrance to it. With its rich vanilla and woody overtones, this scent oozes sophistication and charm. The top notes of agarwood and cardamom provide a spicy and energizing opening. In comparison, the smell of rosewood and sandalwood provides sweetness and warmth. As the perfume settles, underlying notes of vanilla and vetiver musk create a manly finish.Urban Brown Vanilla is a long lasting perfume for men and is suitable for everyday wear. It will keep you feeling confident and refreshed throughout the day.

11. Saviour Saffron Leather Perfume

Saviour Saffron Leather is considered the favorite of many. It is the best perfume for men in India due to its exotic fragrance that emanates sophistication. This scent begins with the rich and spicy aroma of saffron. Later, it transitions to raspberry smooth tones. Subtle undertones of Jasmin provide warmth, resulting in a refined yet enticing aroma. This long lasting perfume for men is ideal for the modern gentleman. It is for those who value luxury and sophistication. Whether you are attending a formal event, this fragrance will leave an impact wherever you go.

12. Club Blue Cedar Perfume

Club Blue Cedar is the best perfume for men in India. Its striking fragrance is created for the modern man who emanates confidence and sophistication. This scent begins with energetic notes of bergamot and clary sage, providing a refreshing and uplifting surge of energy. The perfume blends and later reveals aromatic cedarwood, lending a hint of masculinity and warmth.You can buy perfume for men because of its diverse appeal. Whether you are going to a professional meeting or a casual outing with friends, this fragrance moves seamlessly from day to night.


In short, Lyla Blanc offers the best perfume for men in India. You can find all the intended fragrance notes, which range from fresh and woody to spicy and luxurious smells. Each of these perfume for men is curated with the intention of embracing your uniqueness.
Lyla Blanc celebrates men and their subtleness with these long lasting perfumes for all occasions. You can buy perfumes for men, as mentioned above, through our website. These are affordable and are created to suit your personality and style.
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