Naughty Girl Ella, Eva & Glaze Deodorant 120ml (Pack of 3)


A combo of floral and citrusy notes . Long-lasting fragrance. Long lasting deo for girls. Processed with natural fragrant ingredients.Package content : 3 Naughty Girl Deodorant. From the...
  • A combo of floral and citrusy notes .
  • Long-lasting fragrance.
  • Long lasting deo for girls.
  • Processed with natural fragrant ingredients.
  • Package content : 3 Naughty Girl Deodorant.

From the Naughty Girl range, Ella is the perfect fairy-like fragrant deodorant that will take you to a magic land. If you ever dreamt about Princess's fragrance, Naughty Girl Ella is the answer for you. Make way for the “Citrus Spicy” family note that makes Ella one of a kind. You will be slipped into the fantasy land with the top note of lime, plum and bergamot. It is the perfect combo of freshness and spiciness. From the striking top note, you will be bounced to the middle note that comprises of floral ingredients like rose, jasmine and cinnamon. It will create a whimsical veil of floral extravaganza for you. Amber, vanilla and musk make a lasting and earthy base note that won’t let the fragrance get away too easily. We can vouch for our Naughty Girl Ella that you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with its fragrance.

If you are someone who is more inclined towards fruity fragrance, Naughty Girl Eva can sweep you off your feet. All the notes are dominated by fruity ingredients so you will be engulfed with a fruity fragrance. The family note of “Fruity Spicy” will keep you high on the fruity extravaganza. The top note welcomes you with some citrusy fruit ingredients like grapefruit and orange. The middle delves you deep into slight spiciness with pepper and pelargonium. It rightly balances the fruity and spicy quotient of the deodorant that also offers an everlasting fragrance you cannot say no to. The base note has some earthy and subtle ingredients in store that includes cedarwood, patchouli, and vetiver. Whether it is a fun outing with your friends or your interview day, you can always splash Naughty Girl Eva for instant fruity freshness.

Whether you are heading to a corporate event or a fancy date night, you need some enduring and enchanting fragrance to make your presence felt. The Glaze deodorant by Naughty Girl from the house of Lyla Blanc is something you can swear by. Dominated by the family note of “Floral Spice”, this deodorant works for every occasion. It has the perfect combination of citrusy and floral notes. The top note welcomes you with capturing bergamot, rosemary, lemon, and lavender. Coriander, cinnamon, and jasmine in the middle note will surprise you with a fantastic aroma. We have used some earthy ingredients for the base note for lasting fragrance, including oakmoss, vetiver, leather, and sandalwood. Naughty Girl Glaze is the fragrance for today's girl who wants to let their personality speak for their perspective. Get yours today!

Top Note: FLORAL
Middle Note:
Base Note:

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