Importance of Personal Grooming When You go for an interview

Sep 12, 2015

As rightly as it’s said, “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression” and this quote seems to be applicable more when you are going for an interview for which you are preparing yourself since quite while. People will see what you showcase to them when you are meeting for the first time. Even if you have great qualifications but poor presentation of your own self; it can send false signals & vibes to the employer or interviewer specially when you are applying for high-profile job.Also when you are well groomed it shows that you have taken this opportunity seriously & you are sensible & taken good care of your look.

While confidence & knowledge is the key to crack any tough interview, being well dressed and well groomed will give boost to your confidence & personality much more.
How you present yourself at interview definitely matters the most, it indicates what kind of person you are. From head to toe, from well-combed hair to clean sharp shoes; every detail matters, it shows how much you have taken care of each detail of your dressing.

Also, it would be great to dress accordingly the company’s culture you want to be part of in near future. So you must go through or note down some common points of a particular company you are going to apply for.

But grooming is much more than just a good first impression, good grooming demonstrates self-esteem & confidence which are highly desirable & most important qualities an employer look in an interviewee. Presenting yourself without uttering a single word is definitely a good skill especially when the employer is looking for a person who is going to face customers directly or will work in the sales sector.

Most importantly, good grooming starts with good hygiene. Good hygiene represents good health & it sends positive signals to interviewer about you. Bad body odor is the worst mistake you will dare to carry while you go for such an important milestone of your life. Any kind of odor is instant turnoff & nightmare for an interviewee.But we definitely can handle these malfunctions before they can take place. Always take shower & use appropriate deodorant before you go for an interview or even important meetings. One can even easily detect foul smell on other person’s clothes, so it’s better to wear freshly laundered & clean clothes. Dress appropriately for the job you are seeking. Always choose workplace-friendly,light & mild fragrance that compliments you.

Before signing off, letting you know that every effort made & each detail you worked on matter & reflect in your personality. Keep it simple yet smart. Above all, you will achieve what you want if you believe in yourself.