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How to make your perfumes last longer

Dec 24, 2019

Aroma holds a significant influence — it is one of the few secrets that can reveal and invite you into a memory, with one note transferring you to a specific place, person, period of time or an event. Perfume can, as an outcome, define you. It can turn out to be your signature, leaving a firm mark for people to reminisce you by.

Does your perfume lose its essence as the hours pass by? Don’t stress, here are a few tricks to give your cologne some continuing power:

1.    Apply Vaseline
It may be an unknown fact but applying petroleum gel to your pulse points really goes a long way in holding the fragrance longer. So be sure to spray some on your wrists, neck, behind knees and calves.

2.    Store in cool and dry places
Hot, humid and damp places have a poor effect on the quality of the perfume. Essentially, they break down the contents of the perfume and diminish the quality of the original fragrance. Therefore, store them in an area which is dry and cool to maintain and preserve the good quality.

3.    Moisturizing before hand
Another unknown fact – oily skin helps preserve the fragrance for a longer period. It helps if you try using an unscented moisturizer before spraying your favourite perfume. Another thing that you can do is mix the last remaining drops of your perfume in an unscented moisturizer rather than letting it go to waste.

4.    Spray after a bath
Another good idea to preserve the fragrance is to spray your perfume right after your bath. The dampness helps to trap in the cologne and goes a long way in making the perfume last longer. However, be sure to let the scent dry off first before you wear your clothes.

5.    Know the difference between perfumes
Another thing to learn as an expert on perfumes is identifying the difference between the kinds of perfumes. While buying any perfume or cologne, you must have noticed words like ‘eau de cologne’ or ‘eau de toilette’ which essentially indicate the kind of perfume it is. The former, that is eau de cologne is more strong-smelling and lasts much longer than the latter that is eau de toilette which is subtle smelling.

If we told you that you’ve been smearing your perfume wrong your whole life, you perhaps wouldn’t believe us.Just because it’s the way you’ve always seen it to be applied – in innumerable advertisements, movies and inside every fragrance shop – doesn’t mean it’s essentially right. But if you’re spritzing your cologne onto your wrists than pressing them together, you’re actually smearing your cologne all wrong! By rubbing your skin together, you’ll interrupt the top notes of the scent, which means it won’t last as long and the aroma will be transformed. Astonishing, right?We know how much effort, money, and time it can take to discover your flawless signature fragrance, so you really don’t want to waste even a single drop.