Trivia and History of Perfumes

Feb 03, 2020

Smell of the fragrance is such that it instantly clicks to our memory. It evolves you as a beautiful person by evoking your feelings. Let us know it all. It was Egyptians who originated perfume. They used to wear fragrance in all events be it religious or any other, elites would wear to show case their status, then the Persians took over fragrance as their political status, until Greeks and Romans began to consider it as a form of art and started producing in a large form. In 1190, perfume eventually became commercial in Paris and then bloomed into  a huge industry.

The word perfume derives from the Latin term perfumes; which means through smoke in 1765, the Baccarat glass factory in France made first perfume bottle. The first of the modern perfumes were created in 1370 by the Hungarians, for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. Then there was no stopping and it spread over entire Europe.

It all started 2500 years ago, when the Romans and Arabs cultivated an art of perfume. Arabs still have a practice of burning an incense Bakhoor which fumes environment with enchanting fragrance.You will be amazed to know that the first perfume maker, is a woman named Tapputi. She lived in Babylonian Mesopotamian around 1200 BCE. It was she that who developed the techniques to extract the scent, which is the basis for current perfume making. The first ever production of perfumes date back 4000 years in the cyprus.

There are perfumes with aphrodisiac qualities, and can they definitely make the wearer sexy. The very smell can invoke an instant attraction. It is said that Cleopatra used to wear Jasmine to seduce Mark Antony.
You know why perfume changes throughout the day - why? The raw material and the chemistry of the skin causes a fragrance to emit its essence over a period of time. A perfume is a composition of delicate, herbal, floral and spice notes like wood Amber and musk.

When does it expire? Everything comes with an expiry date, so is perfume. The composition is such that it must be used with the time frame of 3 – 5 years. It can smell unusual if older. Store it in a right way - How? Temperature, humidity and direct sunlight has a power to affect your perfume over a period. So, if you want your perfume to be safe and long lasting, keep it in adark place and moderate temperature – so keeping in the bathroom or car not a great idea.

Perfume is a mood booster? Not in a good mood, feeling nasty, go wear a perfume. It is such a mood uplift, it helps you to relax,as it is a good stimulator. It makes you feel confident and smart. It helps you to remember certain things which touches your memory.

It smells different with different skin type. Everyone is different having different skin PH and each one has a different lifestyle (sports, diet, smoking, drinking, etc). This effects your perfume to behave, rather smell different as compared to another person. Change of lifestyle has also an impact