Fragrance for your Wedding Day

Feb 28, 2020

Are you preparing for your big day? With all the hustle going on, admit it, you might not have given your perfume that long thought. Right! Well, wearing a striking wedding fragrance is as equally important as your outfit. So, let’s pick a gorgeous scent that compliments your regal wedding outfit.

The best perfume for your wedding day can describe ‘YOU’ as a bride or groom. Let people never forget the fragrance trail that you leave behind while walking down the aisle.

Ps. A dewy, exotic fragrance is a cocktail of emotions and memories lived!

From blossomy to naughty, indulge yourself in these five premium perfumes from Lyla Blanc:

Lyla Blanc Retro Perfume for Men

You are the groom, and, you need to feel like one! A hot splash of distinct, delicious, and exotic woody fragrance enhances your personality. The best wedding day perfume for Grooms that opens with a note of freshness. You know, what’s the amazing part? It stays on throughout the day and is exactly like a classic white wedding.

Lyla Blanc Perfume Versatile for Women

Fleur essence at its heart, this wedding fragrance is basically "Elegant Innocence" filled in an attractive bottle. Want to become the heartthrob of the event before the special day? This mystical, sumptuous and playful scent is what you’re missing on. Innocent but 'I am the Lady' sort of scent from the house of Lyla Blanc, is the best wedding perfume for our modern brides.

Lyla Blanc Intense Perfume for Men

Power-packed with an exciting fragrance that excites the senses with thrilling notes is a mischievous pick. And that smell of classiness makes it a premium perfume for your D-day. It has notes of cedar, myrrh, and coconut that sweeps HER off the feet. We’re not to be blamed for all the limelight you get with this INTENSE best wedding perfume!

Naughty Girl EDP Flirt in Pink for Women

Filled with a fresh aroma of orange, rose, mandarin and sophistication this subtle, soothing scent are the one that adorns our bride. Its sweet citrus notes with naughty twists are inviting and warm. A whole lot of floral and fruity drama to make you feel lively all day long. Seduce your man with the hint of romance by wearing this best perfume for your wedding day!

LB Perfume Royal Touch Gold for Men

A heavenly, graceful blend of Orange Blossom, Tuberose, and Vanilla to add to its deluxe odour. And the creamy concoction of aromatic ingredients plum, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, with more, let you feel affluent all day long. Being a minimalistic scent with a strong scent makes it the best wedding day perfume for Grooms. Wrap yourself in clean, immortal, luxurious and premium perfume!

Needless to say, ‘your fragrance is a message, make sure it’s quite marvellous’.