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Fragrances for Holi Gifting

Mar 20, 2020

Holi is generally accepted to be the festival of colours, and this year’s festival is fast approaching. The festival is used to marks the triumph of good over evil, thus brings in the chance to convey the message of love, trust, and brotherhood.

People generally use this period to send a gift to their loved one, and Holi 2020 will not be different. Sending a Holi gift to a loved one will make the person feel special and unique, which is the reason why you need to consider Fragrances for Holi Gifting.

Anywhere you are in India, perfume online shopping in India has been made easy by Lyla Blanc, so there is no need to queue all day long to buy perfumes.

Do you want to find the perfect fragrances for Holi Gifting? You need to find a long-lasting fragrance that will keep the recipient energized all day and will complete them traditional look along with the perfect accessories.

Below are fragrances from Lyla Blanc store that will stand out amidst a host of festive scents.

Private Green Moss

Private is one of the top perfume brands in India for female. Since Holi 2020 is all about love, can also be used by both men and women. It is a unique combination of citrus, lavender, and oakmoss notes that come in a stylish and classy blue bottle. It is a perfect gift that your loved one would love and cherish.

Club Yellow Blossom

For a woman that loves dancing, Club Yellow Blossom makes the perfect Holi gift. This energetic perfume is one of the best perfumes for women in India. With the scent holed up in a yellow bottle, the fragrance will set the recipient up throughout the festive period without a hint of body odour. It has the mild aroma of citrus and rose notes with base notes of sandalwood, which makes it an excellent gift for any festival.

Urban Brown Vanilla

Urban Brown Vanilla is the best perfume for men who want to reach the heights. The fragrance is a perfect gift for polished men that needs to complement their traditional outfit with a scent that portrays their elegance. It is the correct blend of Sichuan pepper and rosewood notes with base notes of vanilla, making it one of the best perfumes for men on festive occasions. Surprise your man this holi 2020 by purchasing this at the Lyla Blanc store in Mumbai for Rs. 899.

Club Blue Cedar

Are you having a thin pocket and want to gift a husband and wife a fragrance they can use together? Think no more, as you can get Club Blue Cedar for Rs. 599 online at Lyla Blanc. This club product will not allow the couples to miss the fun times of the festival due to an odour coming from sweats. Filled up in a blue 100ml blue bottle, the sharp smell of the lemon, galbanum, and cedar notes make it the perfect gift. Club Blue Cedar can be worn by both men and women who want to live the life of the party.

If you are seeking for the perfect fragrances for Holi gifting, you can never go wrong by purchasing the a fore mentioned from Lyla Blanc. You can check out for more fantastic perfume from their collections of perfumes on their website