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Fragrances for New Year

Mar 02, 2020

With 2020 just a few weeks away, it is the most important time to make new resolutions and make some changes in your life. It also gives you a good excuse to get rid of old and unwanted items and experiment with trends you have been waiting to try. However, what is better than starting the New Year with something as basic as fragrances? So, let us help you pick the right fragrance to ring in the next year in style. International fragrance brand Lyla Blanc has some best perfumes for men and women that are budget-friendly as well as long-lasting.

Therefore, go ahead and spice up your fragrance collection with these perfumes: If you are looking for a long-lasting perfume that is budget-friendly, then your search ends here.

HOTT AQUA PERFUME SPRAY has fresh aquatic bursts from mint, lavender, and rosemary along with geranium, jasmine, and sandalwood that gives long-lasting woody fragrance. Whatever the occasion, the perfume refreshes relax and revitalizes you all day long with the coolness of hot aqua for Rs. 175.

While stepping outside in the summer months many people get conscious of their body odor. For them, HOTT CALYPSO PERFUME SPRAY can be their savior. Men who love outdoor activities inspire the modernized masculine floral-musk perfume. The perfume opens with vibrant and tantalizing top notes of lime, lavender, and citrus exploding a feeling of power, strength, and dynamism. This scent is perfect for those looking for a fragrance to create a winning habit next year.

We all crave for an affordable floral fragrance that keeps us smelling fresh all day long. Well, in that case, NAUGHTY GIRL CRYSTAL PERFUME SPRAY is the best gift you can give to yourself next year. The floral aquatic fragrance unveils gives a feeling of a beautiful garden followed by the citrus and watery middle notes, which have an opaque and hazy sensation that sparklethe sense of love and togetherness. Wear this perfume for a get-together, fun-filled parties, vacations or any joyous occasions and make it memorable.

Body odor can be frustrating at times. NAUGHTY GIRL CHARM PERFUME SPRAY can save you from this discomfort. Carry a touch of mystique and awe with this perfume that has an exotic floral scent for women who dare to go down the dramatic path. The perfume contains a fascinating combination of coriander and wild berries that creates attention in audacious ways, and the middle notes of orange honey and tuberose smell of confidence, strength, and glamour.

The combination of fruity and floral fragrance is always a delight to one’s sense of smell. The NAUGHTY GIRL EDP FLIRT IN PINK can give you a similar experience with a top note including orange, rose and mandarin, middle note kicks in that includes orange blossoms and honey and base note including patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver. All you need is a few sprays to feel fresh and lively all day long. The perfume is apt for any occasion.