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What does your perfume say about your personality?

Mar 20, 2020

Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan & quote. Why is it that a person is recognized more by?

Their fragrance than their handwriting? This brings our attention to how essential it is to choose the right type of perfume. The perfume of our choice not only gives us the freshness and fragrance we need but also the type of personality one holds. There are other ways to leave an impact on ones personality without having a conversation with them.

So, do perfumes speak about your personality? Let’s have a look at some of the common characteristics and learn where we fall.

1. The Type A personality/ Workaholic:

The focused, responsible and goal-oriented kind. These are the kind that needs a perfume as durable and strong as their attitude towards work. Their personality mirrors that of the Lyla Blanc Millionaire Perfume and the Lyla Blanc Black Velvet Perfume which are the best perfumes for males.

On the other hand, the Lyla Blanc Passion Perfume for women is the most desirable for career-driven women, as the name suggests, its ideal for all the passionate women out there.

2. The Adventurous:

The crazy, adventurous, fearless kind. They love to discover new things and want to explore as much as the heart desires to. Their dedication towards traveling and learning new things is as wonderful as the brand-new Naughty Girl Brown Beach Perfume for women. The Lyla Blanc Explorer Perfume is the best male perfume for its sparkling, fresh andrelaxing aroma.

3. The Introvert:

The kind that doesn’t like to be noticed or approached but want to make themselves feel good. The ones that don’t want to attract much attention but be someone pleasant and subtle to be around. The Lyla Blanc Lavender Mist Perfume for women is a gentle and elegant perfume scent that is reliable, long-lasting and durable just like an introvert is to its friends.

4. The Extrovert:

The outgoing, easy to approach and full of life kind. The ones that can easily attract attention and are playful and free-spirited kind that people love to be around. Some of the famous perfume brands for such attractive personalities are the Lyla Blanc Live Wire Perfume and the Lyla Blanc Shock Perfume which makes men the life of the party and brings them to the limelight. The Lyla Blanc Intense Perfume for men is known to be a famous perfume brand and is very popular amongst the youth.

5. The Charming:

The dreamy, smart, sophisticated and classy kind. The kind of people who leave a long-lasting effect on the person they are with, just like the Lyla Blanc Thunder Perfume which comes with an amazing combination that makes men breath-taking and seductive. It is said to be the best perfume brand for its magical fragrance which adds up to the charm one has. A fragrance that can never be forgotten just like the personality the person holds, making the first date even more memorable for the special someone.

Beauty gets the attention whereas the personality gets the heart and Lyla Blanc provides the premium perfumes that get one both. Does your perfume speak about your personality? Log on to Lyla Blanc and find the perfumes that match your personality the best.