What message your fragrance sends out to the world around you

Jul 04, 2020

Odours affect an individual psychologically, and it has an impact on their perception, behaviour and mood. Different fragrances give a mixed message about you to the world around you. This message or attitude makes one unique and becomes an identity for someone. A person with a strong and bold character or someone at a superior position and with authority will have a particular taste when compared to a college-going or carefree person when it comes to perfumes. Some people like strong odours, as they feel that its parallel to their personality, while some like fruity, light fragrances that makes them feel fresh and sophisticated. A person's personality and what one wants to say can be expressed in different forms such as music or a poem, in the same manner, the fragrance of a person also says a lot about a person. Lyla Blanc has the best fragrances for women and is said to be top perfume brands in India for women.

The Lyla Blanc Perfume Versatile

has a rustic and warm aroma adds a mystery to the personality of the wearing it. It is a long-lasting and robust perfume, making it ideal for gathering and long meetings or a busy day at work. It is not only suitable for women but can also be used by men.

Naughty Girl Blooming Blue

comes with an affordable price tag; it's a perfect blend of sweet vanilla, soft musk and cedarwood that leaves a spicy and earthy scent. It has a long-lasting effect and adds a certain zest to the personality. Some of the best perfumes for women in India are Lyla Blanc Perfume Royal Touch Silver

is a versatile perfume with a long-lasting effect making it ideal for a workaholic.

The Lyla Blanc Perfume Saviour Saffron Leather

adds sophistication and elegance to the personality. It lasts for long and has a blend of saffron, raspberry and thyme that gives out a fresh and citric scent. It is the best perfume for men in India and gives a refreshing and rich scent that lasts all day. The Lyla Blanc Perfume Urban Brown Vanilla

is the best fragrance for men and has an exotic, long-lasting fragrance, suitable for daily use. The scent offers a blended fragrance of Sandalwood and Musk, which gives an earthy end aroma to the perfume.

The Lyla Blanc Voyage Perfume

is the best perfume for the women in India. It represents confidence, strength, hard work and dedication every woman and especially a mother partakes. The scent gives a sense of independence and responsibility just like the Naughty Girl Brown Beach Perfume

which is inspired by the exotic, enthusiastic and energetic mothers who can do anything at any time for their families. Now one can not only spread positive vibes and happiness through their smiles and gestures but also through the kind of scent they wear!

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